Often there are parts that were manufactured many years ago that are no longer in support or parts that customers wish to develop on from the standard fitment. AGN uses its advanced technologies to offer rapid turn around reverse engineering projects. Customers simply provide the existing part they have and AGN will 3D scan the part, convert that scan to CAD.

From that point the AGN manufacturing department converts the CAD design into a mould using one of its in house CNC machines and then uses that to produce the finished part for our customer.

Please see below the life cycle of a part being reverse engineered ready for AGN to manufacture.

Contact us via email at info@agncomposites.co.uk to discuss what we can reverse engineer through to a finished composite part for you.

3D Scan of part ready for reverse engineering

Render of 3D scan

Scan moved to CAD to create model

Final CAD model complete ready for mould manufacture

50% of the completed in house AGN CNC mould